The Retrospective Exhibitions of Charles Rushton & Stuart Asprey

Tulsa World | Lorton Family Gallery Exhibits

Charles Rushton's body of work combines aspects of portrait, landscape, and street photography, capturing moments that remind the viewer of what it means to be human. Throughout his career, Rushton has created numerous photographic series, with many of his works purchased for permanent museum collections throughout the United States. Stuart Asprey's sculptures consists of three-dimensional porcelain vessels with two-dimensional imagery commenting on popular culture. His ceramic works have been featured in over 100 art exhibitions in the last ten years. The Retrospective Exhibitions of these two artists both feature work with engaging narratives and evolving perspectives. 

This exhibit is was on display from February 3, 2022, to May 19, 2022. 

Please visit our Special Exhibits page to see what is currently on display! 

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